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2017-05-21 09:38 am

After Chapters 3-4

 Hello, everybody!  Welcome back to After.  Last time, Tessa went to college while making rude comments about everyone and saw, but was not formally introduced, to her "love interest".   Riveting.  Let's see what awaits us in the next chapters! Read more )
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2017-05-20 02:49 pm

After Chapters 1-2

Hello! Today I will be talking about a terrible, terrible fanfic-turned-novel called After by Anna Todd. It is the story of a sweet, innocent girl judgmental bitch named Tessa going to college and meeting a hot Bad Boy an abusive asshole named Hardin. Originally, this story was fanfic about the band One Direction, and Hardin was Harry Styles. I don't have a copy of the book yet, so I'll be working from the fanfic version for now and going back and editing once I do have the book. Read more... )